Monday, January 10, 2011

Please Don't Make Me Move

So how was everyone's Christmas? Did you get the lump of coal you deserved? I did - in the form of diamond earrings :) If you would like to come over and see them I'd be happy to make you a latte in my new Tassimo as well. Oh yeah!
Ok, enough with the bragging. To even out all the good there was a lot of shit show stuff and high stress activities which did end up with me having an anxiety attack one night. I got tested for heart attack and stroke but got the all clear, so don't worry, I'll be around to annoy the world for a while yet.

I'm sure you're wondering what's irritating me today because I only seem to blog when something pisses me off, right? Well, I can't argue that, but if people would stop doing stupid things I could stop pointing them out! This week's agitation comes courtesy of my landlord - she's selling my place and I may have to move (here comes the anxiety again). Two things - First of all, I don't blame her for this at all. She's a wonderful lady who lost her husband the day I moved in here and has 3 young boys to take care of so she has to do what she needs to do to take care of her family. Secondly, they (the realtor, I guess) is going to try and find someone who wants to buy it as an investment property so that I can stay, but we all know whoever shows up with the money first gets to take my home away from me.

I hate moving. HATE IT! I would rather stick a hot needle into my eye repeatedly than have to move. For real. And no shit, just the thought of moving gets my heart rate up to a rate my body rarely sees (exercise what?) and I nearly barf and burst into tears 4 or 5 times a day. On a side note, who needs to exercise if you can just purge everything???

Anyway, here's the listing: in case you've ever wondered what my place looks like. 5 years I've been here. 5 years! There used to be nothing but fields for miles out my window and now there is all kinds of construction and destruction. There's also a 7-11, which is probably what I will miss the most. What won't I miss? The constant dusting because of the new buildings going up and the wind which howls and blows dirt directly into my place. But that one annoyance is all part of living where I can see the mountains (not much of them anymore because the mall and college have taken much of it away) and feel like I am not really in the city (although the deliveries to 7-11 and Domino's at midnight make it hard to forget that I am indeed a city dweller).

So what am I going to do and where am I going to go? Well, I haven't entirely decided that yet. I am hoping that someone will buy and keep it as an investment property so I can stay another year or two - hello rich people of Calgary, can't someone help a poor girl out, buy my place and not make me move? PLEASE!?!?! I could maybe move into another place in my building if one becomes available and of course BF is eagerly awaiting my move in with him, so there is definitely that option which is the front runner. Or I could move to Okotoks with my parents (as if!) or in with J and D, but Brutus (the cat) would likely kill me in my sleep so that's not really a viable option if I want to stay above ground and among the living. Now I know what you're all saying...just move in with BF and be done with it already! Oh sure, but it's not that easy you jerkballs! He still has 18 months of school left and there isn't a lot of space in a one bedroom place for studying. He's said that he'll go to another place in the building to study, which is all fine and dandy except if he's out studying who will be at home paying attention to me??? Yes, I am a demanding princess, I thought you knew that about me?
At any rate, there are a lot of other things to consider as well, so until I know what is happening I'm going to keep praying that no one wants to buy my place (unless I get to stay) and I'll keep throwing up and (hopefully) get skinnier from the stress.

Side notes:

RIP Chris Kutney. I only knew him very briefly as the ice technician at the curling club. He helped us out at a practice last month and was super friendly other times we chatted. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

I had a fight with Sears yesterday and I won. They had a bin full of stuff that was signed $6.00 if you use your Sears card but when I went to pay for it they said it didn't apply to the stuff I picked out. Oh really? Because the bin only had the things I bought so how could that be? The sales associate went and talked to a manager, and when she came back and said no, they couldn't do it I asked her to have the manager come and talk to me. He tried to get out of talking to me in person but when he finally came over he ok'd it at $6.00. No shit sherlock, I know how to work the system! Also, I used BF's Sears card and they didn't even look at the name - I won't give myself a point for that, but I do count it as part of my triumph. Suzanne  -1 Sears - 0

It was crazy cold/blizzardy/snowy this weekend so I pretty much stayed inside and ate Hershey's Kisses left over from Christmas. I think I watched Mantracker too but I was in a chocolate coma so I don't really remember. But I do love Mantracker, in case you didn't know.

Calgary Transit still sicks the biggest of donkey balls. That is all.


  1. The sale of the house I was living in happened too. I panicked and freaked out...BUT....I asked the landlord to sign me a two year lease and they did. And also someone bought it for I ended up staying longer...but it might be worth a shot asking her?

  2. Landlord knows I would stay another year, likely 2 but she has to sell for personal reasons. Great idea though for others in the same situation, thanks!

  3. I love how they describe you as "awesome tenant" in the listing! I hope you get to is a very beautiful place.