Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TV Time - How I Would Fix Big Brother

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’m so popular and wanted in so many different places that I’ve just been too busy. Ok, we all know that’s not true – I’ve been sitting my fat ass on the couch and watching what I’d like to vent about today – Big Brother.

I’ve watched Big Brother from day one. There have been people I really liked (Chicken George, Evil Dick, Dr. Will) and some that I literally hate (Brenchel, Jesse, and yes, even Jeff). After 13 seasons though I think the show is worn out and in need of a MAJOR revamp and this is how I think it should be done (CBS, I’m available for hire!):

The Players: No more “veterans” and “newbies”. Do either or but not both. This season has been the biggest snoozefest EVER. Even the newbs are boring – where are the huge blow outs? The all night parties? Would a little creativity kill these people??? Go back to getting clashing personalities and for goodness sake give them more booze! The drunker the better (for viewers anyway).

HOH – It’s time to make this more interesting. Don’t make it a competition every week, mix it up with that, a luck of the draw and America’s choice. Oh, and don’t tell them until right before what it is gong to be. Can you imagine how much crazier it would be the viewers got to play the game with them? Also, they should have to make decisions that will piss people off every week – like choosing the have-nots and appointing someone to be their personal assistant for the week. Oh yes, make them pick someone to be their cook, do their laundry and clean up anything in the house that needs it. That would definitely start some fights or at the very least get some emotion going.

Nominations – I’m so over the way it is done now. If you follow the live feeds at all you always know who is going up before it happens. And the constant stream of people wanting to cut deals they are never going to live up to is just silly. Again, I would bring in an America’s vote a few times, at other times I would make them name the nominations immediately after winning HOH so there can’t be any discussions and for other weeks the HOH  should have to make the nominations in secret in the diary room and they can’t be revealed until it is time to vote. Oh, and if they were revealed, the HOH would automatically go up as well. How crazy would that be???? I know, you are amazed at my brilliance.

The Power of Veto – I hate this part of the game. I don’t mind when someone gets back doored, but usually this is just another snoozefest. Again, this needs to be mixed up – some weeks can be competition as usual, some should be comps played by only those who are not HOH or nominated, some should be a blind draw and some weeks should be no veto at all making the nominations stand as is. And once again, no one should know what is going to happen from week to week – keep them guessing until the last minute and really make them play the game!

Evictions – I would bring back the viewer voting. People are so much more invested in a show when they get to make the decisions and it would throw a kink in the game if the houseguests didn’t know from week to week if they or America would be voting.

Have-Nots – I am over the whole “slop” thing, aren’t you? Make this more interesting by knowing what each houseguests favourite foods are and other things that they can’t live without and take those away. Yes, they can have hard beds but they should also have cold showers, eat only bran flakes and they should have to cook every meal for the Havs. Payback here would be a bitch!

The Feeds - I would also put the 24/7 feeds back to free, but we all know that will NEVER happen, so I’ll just leave it.

There are some other elements that I would add, like the ability for the house guests to request that the truth be told via a replay of a conversation. I would allow each house guest this privilege twice per season and if not such conversation existed, they would be told that too. Catching people in their lies is so much fun, why not create some more drama in the house? Also, I would send everyone who is evicted to another house for the rest of the summer – no one goes home until the end and we can watch them figure out things as another person enters. Fun, right? Now, if they really wanted to get crazy, have 2 houses start out with the same # of people, and then merge them at the halfway point and see what happens – just like survivor only they would never expect it! And how do you get them down to the numbers needed? An eviction a day until they get down to jury #’s. Oh yes, this could work!

Oh there is one last thing, the host. I don’t know of anyone who actually likes Chenbot, but she has got to go. She has been awful from DAY ONE yet here she is, 13 seasons later still doing an believably bad job. If there was ever a marriage I wanted to break up it is hers so that she would get the boot. If they had someone who was really into the show as the host it would be so much better. They could ask the GOOD questions and maybe even interact with fans. I wouldn’t be opposed to previous house guests doing it, as long as it isn’t some losers like Brenchel. Pick people who can actually string an intelligent sentence together and who other people, viewers included, can stand to watch.
So that’s it, that is how I would fix this show that I used to love but now just annoys me with the repetitive garbage we’re watching this summer.

What do you think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

People Really Are This Stupid

Well that's a piss off, my last blog post isn't here. I wrote it, I posted it and now it isn't here. Sometimes I really hate technology.

Anyway, I just had to share this whole new level of stupidity I've seen today. As you know, I'm on the condo board for my building and part of my responsibilities are to monitor the website and email for question, concerns, inquiries.  90 percent of the people in my building don't understand the difference between the board and the property manager so we'll get emails about the garage door not working or they need a new fob becuase they lost their.- all service/maintenance things that that the PM takes care of. The board only enforced bylaws and directs the PM where to spend money when necessary.
Needless to say, I get annoyed with dumbos at the best of times, but today someone actually emailed the condo board to tell us the 2nd floor smelled like smoke/fire. Emailed. The Board. Didn't call the fire dept or anything! The best part is we don't check the email all the time, not even every day. I just happened to see it as I was logging in for something else and I actually had to log out and log back in because I couldn't really believe that someone could be this retarded.
So how do you even respond to that kind of email? I want to say "well I guess since the building hasn't burnt down you were wrong this time" or what's more likely is "are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Are you really that moronic that although you were concerned enough to think there might be a fire you only wanted to let the board know a day or two later and not the fire dept now?" This person either needs to have 24/7 special assistance care or needs to be evicted so that I don't have to deal with their stupid ass.

In other news, the new high school across the street is almost done. This is good news and bad news. The good: fewer big noisy trucks interrupting my lunchtime patio naps; less dirt and dust piling up on my furniture, entertainment in the upcoming school year - you know I'm going to be yelling at kids to GET OFF MY LAWN! And now the bad: bigger line ups at 7-11 (this is really going to piss me off), more garbage everywhere and more complaints from residents in the building about the hooligans smoking on our property. Hey, if all they are doing is smoking cigarettes I will be happy.
I have one more year here, making it 6 years and the longest I have ever stayed in one place. There is a 50/50 chance I will snap and kill a kid before my lease it up and if do end up in jail please bring me some mini eggs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bye Bye Bin Laden, But.....

This is how it started for me tonight:
Rita B.
Ok, is Osama Bin Laden dead or not? I hope he is but I hope they don't break into the Celebrity Apprentice to report it...

I too was watching Celebrity Apprentice and hoping that Nene would lay a full out beat down on Star Jones complete with chair breaking over her head. And then Twitter blew up with the news that he was dead and all I could think was that he'll still be dead in 15 minutes, just please don't interrupt my show!

So after Hope was fired I flipped to CNN and watched Wolf Blitzer talk so much that I was thought he was going to pass out from excitement. I bet he gets boners over this stuff. As we were all waiting for Obama to come out and give the official news, you could see America go from "right on!" to "America, Fuck Yeah! No one beats us!" - of course say this from the outside looking in and that's just how it appears to me. Look, I get that you're happy and you should be, but celebrating this dickheads death in the streets is no different than when there were pictures of people in the middle east celebrating the deaths of those killed on 9/11. It just pisses off those who are against you and could make them more eager to come back and hurt you again. Please be careful America, pride is one thing, don't let it be more.

I thought Obama's speech was ok, but he was clearly trying to take credit for this to boost his re-election bid next year. Maybe it's because I don't like the guy to begin with, but there was too much "I" when it should have been all about the military men and women who made this happen.

So anyway, doesn't anyone else think that Bin Laden was already dead or pretty close to anyway? He was on dialysis, of course he wasn't hiding out in caves! I kind of think that he was only the figurehead leader and that someone else has been running the show for awhile now. Why am I being a buzzkill? I'm just not convinced that killing him will bring any sort of peace - there are just so many other nut jobs out there waiting to take his spot and become famous for all of the wrong reasons.

This tweet says it perfectly:

Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead, but it is the ideology, not the man, that was the problem. An idea is A LOT harder to kill than a person.

Also, they say that they took a DNA test to be sure that it was him that they killed. They can get the results in a day? And will it be an episode on Maury?

I'm just so glad this news didn't break during the Royal Wedding, it was bad enough that it nearly ruined the end of the Apprentice. Don't mess with my Sunday night TV dammit!

And my final thought on this - the news broke on Twitter. Not on TV and not on Facebook, on Twitter. That is why I tweet folks (and obsessively check it) because when shit goes down, it's on Twitter first.

Twitter highlights after the announcement that Bin Laden is dead:

Paul Triggian:
bin Laden was killed in a mansion. Now we have to determine who did it, in which room and with what object.
Andrew Schultz
Holy crap....just turned on the TV....SHOCKED....McDonald's is offering $1 drinks - any drink, any size - all summer long.
The Jarv
How drunk is George W getting tonight?
Jesus Christ
The Devil is officially pissed. He had to leave a fiddlin' competition down in Georgia early to file is Osama paperwork.
Osama Bin Laden
Well this sucks...I accidentally enabled location on my tweets.
John Perrotto
They should have captured Bin Laden alive and made him continually go through airport security for the rest of his life.
This new found Patriotism people are experiencing should last for a couple weeks. Or until the iPhone 5 comes out, of whichever is first.
Adam Hendra
R.I.P Osama Bin Laden - World Hide And Go Seek Champion (2001 - 2011)
Connor Turner
RT @: So... no one wants to hear about this awesome salad I just made?

“@: SEE?!?! I told you... RT @: BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Norris returns from secret trip to Pakistan.”
Scott Smith
Years from now people will say "Where were you when you heard Twitter knew more about breaking news than Wolf Blitzer?"
I will never forget where I was when I heard Wolf Blitzer tell me I would never forget where I was when I heard that Bin Laden was dead.
Sydney Barton
Yo, Osama bin Laden: I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Waldo played the best game of hide and seek of all time.
Brian Griffin
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Osama Bin Laden's death certificate.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Recap

So I NyQuiled up at 7pm last night so I could sleep from 8pm-230am and then get up to watch the Royal Wedding. Why? Well I had to get some ideas for my wedding - and FYI I will need a full orchestra and a parade route lined with cheering onlookers.

So here's my quick recap:

Guests had to arrive and hour or two before the ceremony and then sit there and wait. And they couldn't even tweet because there was a technology blackout in the church. It's too bad because I would like to know what the other attendees thought of the crazy hats like this (the pinkish one, in case there was any doubt).

Weird or chic? And by the way, these two Princesses were put on a strict diet leading up to the wedding to de-plump them a little. Also, did you know that Fergie wasn't invited to the wedding? I know she's a gong show but dang, she should have been there in my opinion.

 Other hats that caught my eye:

I would rock that one

Why is that horse wearing a hat? Oh, wait, that's Camilla.

I like these kinds of hats - they summon UFO's.

And of course the Queen - she looks wonderful!

Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a fan of lace wedding dresses but it looks great on her.

And did you see her evening party dress? Dayum bitch, you know how to work the "look at me I'm a Princess!" angle.

When I saw Kate's sister Pippa walking behind her carrying the 9 foot train I think that she must be a little pissed, becuase I would be. Not only does she have to walk  behind with the dress she also had to keep all the kids in line too - If I didn't know who she was I would assume she was the nanny. Don't get me wrong, Pippa looked great but she better enjoy because she will never have a bigger day in life. Poor thing.

Now, on to the important ponderings, like how hungover is Harry going to be tomorrow? At lease he was smart enough to plan a bacon sandwich "survivor" party at 6am. Harry and I would get along great - we'd be 3 am bbqing every night if we were neighbors, I gurantee it. By the way, did you know that the Queen has left Buckingham Palace so that the "kids" can party freely? That's an awesome grandma.

And did the Queen really snub Camilla by not kissing her on the cheek? If so it makes me happy. I will never like that horseface bitch Diana killer.

I loved the "balcony scene". Two kisses? Crazy kids! My favorite part is how the Queen eventually just goes back in side like it was her nap time and everyone else needed to get the hell out of the way.

There was only one thing missing from the day and that was Diana. I'm sure looking down with a big smile though. *tear*

I saw on one news cast that there was a Canadian in a banana suit on the parade route. I'm betting it was the stupid bitch from Cowboys who ruined Harry's good times. She should have to wear a banana suit for the rest of her life for selling her soul for a few thousand bucks. Of course, if I had giant fake boobs that needed replace every 5 years and a prince had given me his number I would probably call the Enquirer too.

So anyways, I'm glad I got up to watch the hoopla today. There are lots of people who think the whole pomp and ceremony is ridiculous but these people I don't care. It made me happy and that's all that matters.

Next up: My princess wedding!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Love and Other Things That You Don't Care About

Ok, I'm finally going to start the 30 day blog challenge, except as I mentioned before it won't be a blog a day, it will be whenever I get to it. But before I start that, let me tell you about some other things.

A few weeks ago a group of us went for lunch at the Calgary Tower (the restaurant revolves!). I hadn't eaten up there since my dad took us when we were really little, so I was pretty excited (I know, dorky). We had lunch and revolved 3 times. The food was fantastic not overly expensive like you might think and one of the servers even made some screaming kids go back to their table and be quite becuase the parents were letting them run wild ruining lunch for everyone else. Also, if you make reservations you don't have to pay the elevation fee to get up there. See, I just saved you some $'s and you can book it through OpenTable and collect points to get free gift certificates. Your Welcome! 
After lunch we decided to go to the casino. It was 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, what else were we going to do? BF had to go home so I got a ride with TB, but finding the car proved to be too much for 2 girls with pretty hair and not enough drinks in their system. I know it won't seem as funny to you, but we passed the same gift shop 3 times, got lockied in a stairwell, asked security for help (they directed us to locked doors) and consulted with some random strangers over a half an hour of playing "how the hell do you get to 10th Ave???" We finally made it into the parkade and down a another stinky stairwell and tah dah! There was the car (and without a parking ticket even, yay!). FYI, at the casino, we ended up meeting a guy who just loved my brother (no homo) and he ended up paying for our food and drinks ALL NIGHT! He was hilarious and we all had a great time. Also, I doubled my money in the end but probably lost about $700 through the day. And TB didn't even yell at me for anything. Amazing!

We also finished up curling and are proud to officially be the worse curling team in the city. We are the best at getting free drinks though, so who really wins?

BF's parents were in town this week and I just love them to death. They are the nicest people and they treat me so well, I've really lucked out with future in laws. 
BFM: "We used to be hippies when we were younger."
BFD: "We were not, I've always voted conservative!!!"

We all went to see Bruce Cockburn on Wed night and he played for over 2 hours - now that's getting your money's worth! Highlights were the obligatory smell of dirty hippies, BF's mom making him drive us to the Jubilee amid much argument from the boys because it is literally a 5 min walk from home (we wanted to drink more wine before the show and didn't want to lose the buzz by walking) and watching all the tree hugging earth loving hypocrites get in their SUV's and drive home. In all seriousness though, the real highlight of the show was the song Each One Lost. It is a song that reflects on a ramp ceremony, which is the honoring that bestowed on our fallen soldiers. If you have any heart at all, it's a difficult song to listen to, but important nonetheless. He mentioned that process from the song will go to Soldier On which is a great group who helps injured or sick military personnel.


Now onto the bloggy challenge. Because music is a huge part of my life, I'm going to add a song (or two) at the end of each blog to say the things I can't express. [edit - I can't figure out how to add a song, so we're going with youtube videos instead. Hey, I'm a technotard, so just shut your yap and keep reading/watching].

Day 1 - Your current relationship - if single, discuss how single life is

Well, I think we all know I have a boyfriend, and a wonderful one at that. I know what you're all asking yourselves: "how on earth does he put up with her?". I honestly don't know because I'm a pain in the ass and I know it. This July will be 2 years together, and as BF puts is "it's pretty much been a bed of roses" (he does love his Bon Jovi) and I would have to agree. That's not to say that we don't ever get annoyed with each other or have the odd disagreement, but overall things get better and better every day and I know that I am one lucky girl.
We will be getting married eventually but on our own time, so stop pressuring us people. And yes, it will be an open bar and you're all invited!

Miranda Lambert - Love Song

Josh Grider - Crazy Like You

Dierks Bentley - You Hold Me Together

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noisy Kids - Should I complain?

I live in an apt style condo building. The first 4 years here were relatively quiet, but lucky me I now have 2 families with 20 feet of me that have children who yell and scream all day and night and I have just about had it.

Look, it's no surprise that I don't like kids to begin with, and this certainly doesn't help, but when do you draw the line of  "they are kids, what do you expect" and them interfering on my right to have some peace and quiet? The condo bylaws discuss quiet living and not intruding on your neighbors right to enjoy their space and the city bylaw includes yelling as excessive noise and worthy of complaint, but how do I determine what is acceptable?

I'm betting that most parents out there will say too bad so sad, they are kids and yelling is what kids do. But what about the argument that I am an adult and I like to drink, and when I drink I like to listen to my music loudly and if this happens on a Saturday afternoon during your kids nap time then it's too bad for you. Fair's Fair, right? And since you like to slam your door shut at 6am (or any other time) then it's fine for me to do it 3am too, right?

What do you think, is there a double standard? Do you agree with it? Where do you draw the line? Please tell me what you think or I'll have to use my own poor decision making skills on this one and that won't end will for anyone.

In other news, I'm on Day 19 of my 30 challenge to get moving and I haven't missed a day yet. Amazing! I started a new program yesterday which you may have seen the infomercial for...and no, it's not Deal a Meal, it's KettleWorx. Now, I didn't order it from the infomercial, I'm not that cheesey, but after I saw it and did some investigating and I thought it looked like a good program to try and so far I think I'm right. I'll spare you the details, but if you ever see the infomercial you can now picture my fat ass swinging the kettle bell around my living room.

I'm on the condo board in my building and we have 2 residents that essential pick fights with the board about the stupidest things. Today, one guy is trying to tell me that the condo budget has to be out 15 days before the next fiscal year begins, so in our case by Jan 15. He says "The 15 days time limit is a universally recognized accounting practice. Then again, I don’t want to argue about this silly point, but it is law to have budgets out within 15 days (may be extended a few more days if situation warrants it) of start of a fiscal year, no matter where you go in the world, or whatever business". He says it the law any where in the world. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! I think the citizens of Libya should double check that their county's budget was on time because this could be the loophole they need to oust that crazy Gaddafi! You're probably wondering what my response to this guy will be because there are so many things wrong with his statement, but sadly, it can't be go back to the nut house you douche-a-loo. Sometimes I hate having to be polite and politically correct when idiots like this are allowed to run around and be so blatantly retarded.

 The weather. What is there to say that hasn't already been said? Cold enough for ya? We live in the great white north, it gets cold every year, get over it! To solve this cold weather problem I'm moving to Texas as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted on how that progresses.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Yes, I know it's been a while, but if I don't have anything interesting to say I don't just want to blog about nothing and waste your time. See how considerate I am? Yes, considerate, that's it.

Just a couple of quick things today:

In case you didn't know, Mantracker is no more. The button heads at the production company decided it was time for a new tracker and have ousted my beloved  cowboy. I won't watch with a replacement, they can go suck an egg. And then swallow it, shit it out whole and then suck on it again.

My landlord is NOT selling my place so I don't have to move. Most of you already know this but I thought I should update the rest of you. Of course as soon as that happens and I say I'm going to stay another year a really loud, non English speaking family (of at least 18 people, I swear) has moved in across the hall. As if the screaming baby in the other apt wasn't enough now I have these people with their yappy dog who they yell at in some language that I don't understand. Oh, side note on the baby - I was thisclose to calling child protective services because it screamed day and night - and not just crying, SCREAMING, but I've since decided the thing is just retarded and instead I will turn up my music and let it scream.

I've issued myself a challenge, a 30 day Get Moving challenge. I'm trying to do something exercise like for at least 20 mins a day for 30 days. Today is day 6 and I will be doing the 30 Day Shred for the 4th day in a row this afternoon (this is a miracle because I usually quit after 2 days of pain). I figure if I can get in the habit of doing some sort of exercise I will a) not die of heart disease b) not be a sweaty out of breath fat reject when walking up a flight of stairs and c) maybe lose some of my blubber. I won't lie if I eff up and miss a day, there is no use it that, but I am going to do my best and if I can make it 30 days I will be rewarding myself with a chocolate peanut butter pie or something (the whole pie to myself, obviously!).

My 30 day challenge to myself and my upcoming blog thingy (details next post) are both inspired by my friend NC. I don't know that she would want me to post her blog link her, but she is doing a 30 post blog challenge that tackles a specific personal topic each day and I think I would like to try this as well. She has also been making incredible strides at living a healthier lifestyle which is what I'm working on. I'm so proud of her and I channel her energy every day to get my ass moving and after reading her blog I have learned a lot about her that I didn't know which has made her an even more amazing person to me. There is only one crappy thing about NC, and that is that we have never met in person yet - she's in Texas and I'm stuck in the frozen tundra. I'm hoping to change that in the next year though with a visit to Texas after Steamboat. I hope she realizes I just invited myself over....

Well, that's it for now. It's a long weekend - whoo hoo! I'm not going to the Heritage Classic but I am gearing up for the Daytona 500 on Sunday (Git R Done Jr!) and a generally quiet time with BF who has finally recovered from being sick last week.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Please Don't Make Me Move

So how was everyone's Christmas? Did you get the lump of coal you deserved? I did - in the form of diamond earrings :) If you would like to come over and see them I'd be happy to make you a latte in my new Tassimo as well. Oh yeah!
Ok, enough with the bragging. To even out all the good there was a lot of shit show stuff and high stress activities which did end up with me having an anxiety attack one night. I got tested for heart attack and stroke but got the all clear, so don't worry, I'll be around to annoy the world for a while yet.

I'm sure you're wondering what's irritating me today because I only seem to blog when something pisses me off, right? Well, I can't argue that, but if people would stop doing stupid things I could stop pointing them out! This week's agitation comes courtesy of my landlord - she's selling my place and I may have to move (here comes the anxiety again). Two things - First of all, I don't blame her for this at all. She's a wonderful lady who lost her husband the day I moved in here and has 3 young boys to take care of so she has to do what she needs to do to take care of her family. Secondly, they (the realtor, I guess) is going to try and find someone who wants to buy it as an investment property so that I can stay, but we all know whoever shows up with the money first gets to take my home away from me.

I hate moving. HATE IT! I would rather stick a hot needle into my eye repeatedly than have to move. For real. And no shit, just the thought of moving gets my heart rate up to a rate my body rarely sees (exercise what?) and I nearly barf and burst into tears 4 or 5 times a day. On a side note, who needs to exercise if you can just purge everything???

Anyway, here's the listing: in case you've ever wondered what my place looks like. 5 years I've been here. 5 years! There used to be nothing but fields for miles out my window and now there is all kinds of construction and destruction. There's also a 7-11, which is probably what I will miss the most. What won't I miss? The constant dusting because of the new buildings going up and the wind which howls and blows dirt directly into my place. But that one annoyance is all part of living where I can see the mountains (not much of them anymore because the mall and college have taken much of it away) and feel like I am not really in the city (although the deliveries to 7-11 and Domino's at midnight make it hard to forget that I am indeed a city dweller).

So what am I going to do and where am I going to go? Well, I haven't entirely decided that yet. I am hoping that someone will buy and keep it as an investment property so I can stay another year or two - hello rich people of Calgary, can't someone help a poor girl out, buy my place and not make me move? PLEASE!?!?! I could maybe move into another place in my building if one becomes available and of course BF is eagerly awaiting my move in with him, so there is definitely that option which is the front runner. Or I could move to Okotoks with my parents (as if!) or in with J and D, but Brutus (the cat) would likely kill me in my sleep so that's not really a viable option if I want to stay above ground and among the living. Now I know what you're all saying...just move in with BF and be done with it already! Oh sure, but it's not that easy you jerkballs! He still has 18 months of school left and there isn't a lot of space in a one bedroom place for studying. He's said that he'll go to another place in the building to study, which is all fine and dandy except if he's out studying who will be at home paying attention to me??? Yes, I am a demanding princess, I thought you knew that about me?
At any rate, there are a lot of other things to consider as well, so until I know what is happening I'm going to keep praying that no one wants to buy my place (unless I get to stay) and I'll keep throwing up and (hopefully) get skinnier from the stress.

Side notes:

RIP Chris Kutney. I only knew him very briefly as the ice technician at the curling club. He helped us out at a practice last month and was super friendly other times we chatted. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

I had a fight with Sears yesterday and I won. They had a bin full of stuff that was signed $6.00 if you use your Sears card but when I went to pay for it they said it didn't apply to the stuff I picked out. Oh really? Because the bin only had the things I bought so how could that be? The sales associate went and talked to a manager, and when she came back and said no, they couldn't do it I asked her to have the manager come and talk to me. He tried to get out of talking to me in person but when he finally came over he ok'd it at $6.00. No shit sherlock, I know how to work the system! Also, I used BF's Sears card and they didn't even look at the name - I won't give myself a point for that, but I do count it as part of my triumph. Suzanne  -1 Sears - 0

It was crazy cold/blizzardy/snowy this weekend so I pretty much stayed inside and ate Hershey's Kisses left over from Christmas. I think I watched Mantracker too but I was in a chocolate coma so I don't really remember. But I do love Mantracker, in case you didn't know.

Calgary Transit still sicks the biggest of donkey balls. That is all.