Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Recap

So I NyQuiled up at 7pm last night so I could sleep from 8pm-230am and then get up to watch the Royal Wedding. Why? Well I had to get some ideas for my wedding - and FYI I will need a full orchestra and a parade route lined with cheering onlookers.

So here's my quick recap:

Guests had to arrive and hour or two before the ceremony and then sit there and wait. And they couldn't even tweet because there was a technology blackout in the church. It's too bad because I would like to know what the other attendees thought of the crazy hats like this (the pinkish one, in case there was any doubt).

Weird or chic? And by the way, these two Princesses were put on a strict diet leading up to the wedding to de-plump them a little. Also, did you know that Fergie wasn't invited to the wedding? I know she's a gong show but dang, she should have been there in my opinion.

 Other hats that caught my eye:

I would rock that one

Why is that horse wearing a hat? Oh, wait, that's Camilla.

I like these kinds of hats - they summon UFO's.

And of course the Queen - she looks wonderful!

Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a fan of lace wedding dresses but it looks great on her.

And did you see her evening party dress? Dayum bitch, you know how to work the "look at me I'm a Princess!" angle.

When I saw Kate's sister Pippa walking behind her carrying the 9 foot train I think that she must be a little pissed, becuase I would be. Not only does she have to walk  behind with the dress she also had to keep all the kids in line too - If I didn't know who she was I would assume she was the nanny. Don't get me wrong, Pippa looked great but she better enjoy because she will never have a bigger day in life. Poor thing.

Now, on to the important ponderings, like how hungover is Harry going to be tomorrow? At lease he was smart enough to plan a bacon sandwich "survivor" party at 6am. Harry and I would get along great - we'd be 3 am bbqing every night if we were neighbors, I gurantee it. By the way, did you know that the Queen has left Buckingham Palace so that the "kids" can party freely? That's an awesome grandma.

And did the Queen really snub Camilla by not kissing her on the cheek? If so it makes me happy. I will never like that horseface bitch Diana killer.

I loved the "balcony scene". Two kisses? Crazy kids! My favorite part is how the Queen eventually just goes back in side like it was her nap time and everyone else needed to get the hell out of the way.

There was only one thing missing from the day and that was Diana. I'm sure looking down with a big smile though. *tear*

I saw on one news cast that there was a Canadian in a banana suit on the parade route. I'm betting it was the stupid bitch from Cowboys who ruined Harry's good times. She should have to wear a banana suit for the rest of her life for selling her soul for a few thousand bucks. Of course, if I had giant fake boobs that needed replace every 5 years and a prince had given me his number I would probably call the Enquirer too.

So anyways, I'm glad I got up to watch the hoopla today. There are lots of people who think the whole pomp and ceremony is ridiculous but these people I don't care. It made me happy and that's all that matters.

Next up: My princess wedding!

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