Friday, April 1, 2011

Love and Other Things That You Don't Care About

Ok, I'm finally going to start the 30 day blog challenge, except as I mentioned before it won't be a blog a day, it will be whenever I get to it. But before I start that, let me tell you about some other things.

A few weeks ago a group of us went for lunch at the Calgary Tower (the restaurant revolves!). I hadn't eaten up there since my dad took us when we were really little, so I was pretty excited (I know, dorky). We had lunch and revolved 3 times. The food was fantastic not overly expensive like you might think and one of the servers even made some screaming kids go back to their table and be quite becuase the parents were letting them run wild ruining lunch for everyone else. Also, if you make reservations you don't have to pay the elevation fee to get up there. See, I just saved you some $'s and you can book it through OpenTable and collect points to get free gift certificates. Your Welcome! 
After lunch we decided to go to the casino. It was 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, what else were we going to do? BF had to go home so I got a ride with TB, but finding the car proved to be too much for 2 girls with pretty hair and not enough drinks in their system. I know it won't seem as funny to you, but we passed the same gift shop 3 times, got lockied in a stairwell, asked security for help (they directed us to locked doors) and consulted with some random strangers over a half an hour of playing "how the hell do you get to 10th Ave???" We finally made it into the parkade and down a another stinky stairwell and tah dah! There was the car (and without a parking ticket even, yay!). FYI, at the casino, we ended up meeting a guy who just loved my brother (no homo) and he ended up paying for our food and drinks ALL NIGHT! He was hilarious and we all had a great time. Also, I doubled my money in the end but probably lost about $700 through the day. And TB didn't even yell at me for anything. Amazing!

We also finished up curling and are proud to officially be the worse curling team in the city. We are the best at getting free drinks though, so who really wins?

BF's parents were in town this week and I just love them to death. They are the nicest people and they treat me so well, I've really lucked out with future in laws. 
BFM: "We used to be hippies when we were younger."
BFD: "We were not, I've always voted conservative!!!"

We all went to see Bruce Cockburn on Wed night and he played for over 2 hours - now that's getting your money's worth! Highlights were the obligatory smell of dirty hippies, BF's mom making him drive us to the Jubilee amid much argument from the boys because it is literally a 5 min walk from home (we wanted to drink more wine before the show and didn't want to lose the buzz by walking) and watching all the tree hugging earth loving hypocrites get in their SUV's and drive home. In all seriousness though, the real highlight of the show was the song Each One Lost. It is a song that reflects on a ramp ceremony, which is the honoring that bestowed on our fallen soldiers. If you have any heart at all, it's a difficult song to listen to, but important nonetheless. He mentioned that process from the song will go to Soldier On which is a great group who helps injured or sick military personnel.


Now onto the bloggy challenge. Because music is a huge part of my life, I'm going to add a song (or two) at the end of each blog to say the things I can't express. [edit - I can't figure out how to add a song, so we're going with youtube videos instead. Hey, I'm a technotard, so just shut your yap and keep reading/watching].

Day 1 - Your current relationship - if single, discuss how single life is

Well, I think we all know I have a boyfriend, and a wonderful one at that. I know what you're all asking yourselves: "how on earth does he put up with her?". I honestly don't know because I'm a pain in the ass and I know it. This July will be 2 years together, and as BF puts is "it's pretty much been a bed of roses" (he does love his Bon Jovi) and I would have to agree. That's not to say that we don't ever get annoyed with each other or have the odd disagreement, but overall things get better and better every day and I know that I am one lucky girl.
We will be getting married eventually but on our own time, so stop pressuring us people. And yes, it will be an open bar and you're all invited!

Miranda Lambert - Love Song

Josh Grider - Crazy Like You

Dierks Bentley - You Hold Me Together


  1. Oh my God! So sappy! WHO KNEW??
    Great post and I look forward to getting to know you better through this challenge!

  2. Thanks Nicole :) If I can be half as honest and opes as you have been then the challenge will be a success

  3. Glad to see you have found someone who can appreciate your snarkiness and crazy driving. He must be one special guy! I wish you both much happiness!

    Kathleen (GeorgiaPeach)

  4. Hey I know I subscribed to this blog eaons ago! If you dumped me, I'm back! HA!