Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noisy Kids - Should I complain?

I live in an apt style condo building. The first 4 years here were relatively quiet, but lucky me I now have 2 families with 20 feet of me that have children who yell and scream all day and night and I have just about had it.

Look, it's no surprise that I don't like kids to begin with, and this certainly doesn't help, but when do you draw the line of  "they are kids, what do you expect" and them interfering on my right to have some peace and quiet? The condo bylaws discuss quiet living and not intruding on your neighbors right to enjoy their space and the city bylaw includes yelling as excessive noise and worthy of complaint, but how do I determine what is acceptable?

I'm betting that most parents out there will say too bad so sad, they are kids and yelling is what kids do. But what about the argument that I am an adult and I like to drink, and when I drink I like to listen to my music loudly and if this happens on a Saturday afternoon during your kids nap time then it's too bad for you. Fair's Fair, right? And since you like to slam your door shut at 6am (or any other time) then it's fine for me to do it 3am too, right?

What do you think, is there a double standard? Do you agree with it? Where do you draw the line? Please tell me what you think or I'll have to use my own poor decision making skills on this one and that won't end will for anyone.

In other news, I'm on Day 19 of my 30 challenge to get moving and I haven't missed a day yet. Amazing! I started a new program yesterday which you may have seen the infomercial for...and no, it's not Deal a Meal, it's KettleWorx. Now, I didn't order it from the infomercial, I'm not that cheesey, but after I saw it and did some investigating and I thought it looked like a good program to try and so far I think I'm right. I'll spare you the details, but if you ever see the infomercial you can now picture my fat ass swinging the kettle bell around my living room.

I'm on the condo board in my building and we have 2 residents that essential pick fights with the board about the stupidest things. Today, one guy is trying to tell me that the condo budget has to be out 15 days before the next fiscal year begins, so in our case by Jan 15. He says "The 15 days time limit is a universally recognized accounting practice. Then again, I don’t want to argue about this silly point, but it is law to have budgets out within 15 days (may be extended a few more days if situation warrants it) of start of a fiscal year, no matter where you go in the world, or whatever business". He says it the law any where in the world. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! I think the citizens of Libya should double check that their county's budget was on time because this could be the loophole they need to oust that crazy Gaddafi! You're probably wondering what my response to this guy will be because there are so many things wrong with his statement, but sadly, it can't be go back to the nut house you douche-a-loo. Sometimes I hate having to be polite and politically correct when idiots like this are allowed to run around and be so blatantly retarded.

 The weather. What is there to say that hasn't already been said? Cold enough for ya? We live in the great white north, it gets cold every year, get over it! To solve this cold weather problem I'm moving to Texas as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted on how that progresses.



  1. I say complain, complain, complain! That's a horsesh** excuse and I hate it when people use it. (More often than not I hear "boys will be boys" - parents use it when teens drink, too! BS - absolute total BS.) My mom wouldn't allow me to bother others by yelling, being noisy or obnoxious. Why should you be subjected to it?

  2. By the way I'm borrowing the 30 Blog. I was doing one but it must have been drawn up by some sappy females. I'm bored with the topics and it's only day 5.