Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food and Wine Festival Round Up

So my little buddy died this weekend. Steve and I have been together for 10 years and he's taking a lot of my secrets to birdie heaven with him. He left behind his long term girlfriend, Elaine, who is none to pleased with his disappearance and is letting me know all day long. Poor girl, doesn't she know her constant nagging is what drove him to the grave???

In other news, I played in my first official curling game on Friday night and we only lost 11-2. That's an improvement over our last game loss of 17-1 (I didn't play in that one though). At one point during the game DE, who was skipping for us this game, comes up to me and says "J and B are throwing really great shots". Message received, thanks asshole! We're hoping that this week we can keep the other team to 10 points or less. Or maybe, just maybe, we could pull off a win (if the other team doesn't show up we win, and we'll take it!). We should fare better when we get moved down to the bottom division, we're good at dominating other teams of assholes.

Saturday was the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival. This had disaster potential written all over it given it was BC, TB and I to start with and then BF and AM joined us later. Our first trip around was pretty much in line with the rest of the snobs there - we tasted different wines and checked out which foods we would try later in hopes that they would soak up the booze. I was actually looking for a specific wine I had tried last year but couldn't remember the name of so every table I was asking "do you have a spicy white wine?" and they would proceed to give me free samples to see if that's what I was looking for. TB blew my cover about halfway through - hey it's not my fault if I can work the system for free wine!
During our second round we added in a few more beers and began drinking much faster and I did yell at TB once ( I was just trying to yell at her before she yelled at me, as she inevitably does when we're out). BF joined us and he immediately starts double fisting the tiny beers - "Steam Whistle is the New Co-op!" he declared, referencing Beerfest earlier this year when he drank so much cheap co-op beer that they actually cut him off. Our third round is where things really picked up. AM made his way down from work (super nerd!) and jumped right in on the shots with us. We finally decided that it was time to dive into the Absinthe, which will now forever be known as "assmouth" thanks to AM, and 4 shots later we were all feeling pretty damned invincible. It was at this time that Tabby asked me why I wasn't wearing a Bumpit and I told her because they are for white trash and I will not make it that easy for people to identify me. BF then pipes in and says "What's wrong with bunk beds? R and I had them when we were kids". Oh drunk BF, you are so goofy, we said BUMPIT, not BUNKBED!
Big Rock saved us at the end of the night when we still had tickets left and they let us cash them all in for a bunch of beers which we shot like water before we headed to the casino. There wasn't too much more excitement there, BC made new friends as usual, BF went home not long after we got there and for once we all made money when we finally rolled out of there at 2am. I left with $225 which was enough to pay for my night so I was happy - plus I like having $100 bills in my wallet, it makes me feel like I'm more important than I am (insert rolly eyes here).

Oh I forgot, we totally got reverse rascismed on Sat night! AM, our token Asain, called to tell us he was there and we waited and we waited and when he finally showed up we asked him the heck took him so long? His answer: "You try finding you four white people in here". We look around, pretty much everyone was groups of 4 white people. ha ha!

Random thoughts:
Our civic election was yesterday and for the first time ever my guy won! He's only 3 years older than me which makes me think what the hell am I doing with my life when this guy is mayor and I was sitting on the couch eating cookies watching him become mayor.

I'm still going to they gym and I still hate it. I wish my fellow fatties would come out and try to get healthier with me, it's getting to the point where I might have to start snapping the skinny twigs in half just to slow them down a little.

I figured out why I'm scared of Spiders - they move way faster than me and I don't like that

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