Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Craziest Work Email I Have Ever Recieved

So every couple of months my company sends out a newsletter which contains info that will assist them on the compliance side of their business (because that's what I do, compliance stuff). It is not meant to spam anyone but when you have several thousand people on your distribution list you have people that ask to be unsubscribed which we do immediately upon request. 99% of the people on our list appreciate the information we send, but I guess I crapped in someone's con flakes because this morning I got this:

To: The lovely compliance ladies  (that would be me and B)
From: A crazy Asshole (I should put his email on here just so everyone else can show him what spam is all about!)

Guys, how the fuck did I get on this shit list?

What gives spamming me with this shit?

 Our thought to this was "where did this guy get his manners from?" After a good laugh and a coffee I responded to him with this:

To: The Asshat who clearly hasn't been laid in years, if ever
From: A Ray of Sunshine in Your Cloudy Day

Mr. Asshat,
Our newsletter is sent to those who are listed as contacts for publicly traded companies and contains information relevant to their operations.

Upon investigation I have not found your email address "asshat@gmail.com" listed in our database which receives communication from us. If you are connected with a public company it is possible that another email address is forwarded to you (i.e. and info@pucliccompany) and this is how you received our newsletter. If that is the case please let me know what email address should be removed and I will be happy to unsubscribe you immediately.

Best Regards,

Now I thought that was a pretty decent response giving him every opportunity to provide me with further information to remove him from our list. Well, I guess he didn't like it too much because this is what I just got back:

To: The Girls Just Trying to Make a Living
From: Some Coked Out Whack Job Who is Likely Up In The Clock Tower As We Speak

What kind of fucking bullshit is that???????????

I am CFO of 8 TSX-V listed companies, how the fuck am I supposed to know which email you sent it to, you are the bitches that fucking sent it! I have never dealt with you in the past and consider this spam! Just because an email is in the public domain does not give you the right to fucking spam people.

Now get me off this fucking bullshit list!

SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!? Did this crack smoking nut job just write and send that email? This has to be a joke, right? The best part is, he didn't tell me which companies so there is nothing I can do and I have now blocked him and he will be on our email list for all eternity. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. People are so stupid!

I'll let you know if I hear anything more....crazy is just too fun not to share!

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  1. Seriously, give me his email.....He hasn't even seen spam.........yet. I'll sign him up for every beastiality, viagra, cialis email list I can find.........