Friday, November 5, 2010

Mexican Curling Team

So last Friday at the curling club they had a Halloween party and we decided to go as The Mexican Curling Team.

This worked for us for 3 reasons:
1. We looked awesome.
2. Everyone loves a creepy mustache
3. We curl about as well as a team of real Mexicans would

Obviously, we didn't win our game because we never do, but we gave the other team a good run for their money and we had a great time. J and D left early which thwarted our run at best group costume, but never fear, the best couple was:

This week is back to our regular team uniform (we're the only ones who dress alike, it's very intimidating to other teams until they play us and see just how terrible we are). I'm also skipping this week - and to you who think that means I'm not going to the game it actually means I'm the captain and will call the shots on the ice. I hope I don't eff this up!

In other news, I hate Calgary transit more and more every week but because I refuse to go into debt for a car right now I'm kind of stuck. Yesterday a 15 minute trip by car took me 2 hours on 1 shuttle, a train and 2 buses(when you pay your fare you get a ticket that is good for 90 minutes). I can't even get from the mall to home on one ticket anymore! You could pretty much see that my head was about to explode by the end of that trip but what can I do? I can't blame the bus drivers, it's not their fault. I call and complain but they don't care either...hello, they all have cars! I'm still not sure why drivers make $25+ an hour - unskilled and protected by the union, nice gig if you can stand driving around thousands of ungrateful assholes every day.

I joined my buildings condo board and last night was our first meeting. Guess who got elected President? I didn't even ask or suggest it be me, the people just knew it was right. ha ha! I think we have a good board and we are putting things into action that have been stalled for months and some even for years. The new board had no problem making decisions - our new motto is Git R Done! Well, maybe that's just my  motto, but I am the Prez, so....

That's it, it's been a pretty quiet week. Have a good weekend!


  1. "2. Everyone loves a creepy mustache"

    so so true!

  2. But just to clarify, even though everyone does love a creepy mustache, it does not give my boyfriend the right to grow one. Ever.